Who we are


We are emphasizing to make a difference in our community, creating diversity and opened space that bring together senior adults who also want to get engaged in their communities. Grace-SCI is considered the voice, the bridge and channel that interconnects disadvantaged areas with the rest of the world. Building an environment of peace for those who never had a chance to achieve their goals and live a standard life. We are here to support the senior adults, to improve their living condition, and we would like to ensure that this program will impact positively for the development of the community. Also, conducting activities that bring the senior adults living in the rural together and helping them with sustainable assistance in their aging phase.

Grace-SCI is looking forward to providing support to elders and help them live again. Despite our limited resources, we dedicate to get a strong staff and volunteers who can help us to prevent hunger or homelessness in the community as well as offer referrals and guidance in the community. Our programs and services for the elderly will always provide with respect and quality. Some adults are being abused, exploited, or no longer able to take care of themselves. Grace-SCI wants to provide care for those senior adults who are living in the rural communities, also creating a plan of recreation and activities at a local center for them. As with most of the offering from Grace-SCI, we are also depending on volunteers, companies, organizations, churches and other benefactors and social medias from the communities and the rest of the world to come together with us to make this program special for those in need.

Numerous of senior adult residents are struggling financially, due mainly to numerous crisis, politic, economic, and social. This is also reflected by the fact that many local families live with no incomes and not even work at a minimum wage. Providing support, referrals, and a caring environment to address the emergency needs of the senior adults living in the rural zones are priorities for Grace-SCI.